For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: Do you upholster furniture or just cars?

A: We upholster furniture, boats, airplanes, all kinds of RVs and anything automotive, tractors, custom covers … just about anything that needs upholstering, really. We also can repair furniture and can custom build boat and car interiors. We do not however make or repair parachutes, drapes, or sails used for sail boats.

Q: How much does it cost to re-upholster a chair?

A: It depends. Cost is determined by materials and labor. This can really vary depending on whether the furniture needs any repairs, and the amount (and quality) of materials needed. Labor is billed hourly and is the same no matter what the item is.

Q: Do you charge for quotes?

A: All quotes brought into our shop are absolutely free with no obligation. For larger items, it is possible to arrange an on-site quote, but remote locations may require a fee. Quotes are approximate based on our best estimate of labor and materials, and cannot be guaranteed exact unless stated so as a contract price.

Q: Do you require a deposit in order to do my project?

A: No, we do not require a deposit, but you will be responsible for paying for your materials before or at the same time they are ordered.  Labor and miscellaneous materials are billed upon completion. Very large projects are billed weekly until completion week in which you will receive your final bill.

Q: Do you do appointments outside of regular business hours?

A: Yes. We understand that everyone has a unique schedule. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Q: I have a large item but no way to transport it. Do you offer pick up and drop off service?

A: Yes.  Depending on your location and the size of the item, this may incur a fee.

Q: Your website says award winning upholstery. What kind of award(s) do you have?

A:  Our customer’s vehicles have won many, many awards at car shows around the country – some for best in show, some for best in class, and many specifically for best upholstery.  We are also proud recipients of the “Best of Spring Hill” award, voted best upholstery shop 2015.

Q: I would like to bring in my own material. Do you allow for that?

A: If the material is upholstery grade and appropriate for the job, then yes.  However, most materials from fabric stores are simply not the right kind of materials suitable for upholstery applications. Thin fabrics may also be too thin to sew with an industrial machine. Please check with us and bring in a small sample before your buy your material to avoid costly mistakes. Also keep in mind that material not purchased through us, cannot be guaranteed. If you’ve already purchased, bring your material down and we’ll take a look.

Q: Do you offer any type of guarantee on your work?

A: 360 Custom Upholstery stands behind its work.  As long as it is a legitimate problem due to workmanship or stitching, etc. we will do the repair at no cost to you! We are not responsible however for repairs due to negligence, abuse, or regular wear and tear.

Q: Do you do antiques?

A: Yes.  We can restore antique cars to original or custom, and we can re-finish, repair and upholster your antique furniture.

Q: Do you do headliners and/or convertible tops?

A: Yes. We can repair or replace both convertible tops and headliners.